Klimart S.A. founded in 1989, deals exclusively with air-conditioning. Entered in the Greek market promoting Daikin air conditioning systems.

Since 1998 Klimart cooperates with the Italian company, RC Group Spa, a specialist manufacturer of close control air conditioners and chillers, representing its products in Greece and the Balkans.

2000: Foundation of subsidiary company in Romania with the title: KLIMART ROMANIA S.R.L

-Signature of five-year agreement with ROMTELECOM SA for the Air Conditioning of 2500 telecomunications centers

-Signature of the agreement with COSMOROM (COSMOTE) for the Air Conditioning of 1000 BTS statios

-Growth of collaboration with local companies, banks, shops, contractors e.t.c. in Romania

OCTOBER 2000: Certification of quality reservation due to ISO 9001 TUV

2001: Foundation of a company in Bulgaria with name AIRCLIMA EOOD

-Signature of the agreement between COSMO BULGARIA MOBAIL PLC (GLOBUL) and AIRCLIMA EOOD for the Air-Conditioning of the BTS, MSC and BSC station.

-Signature in 2002 of the agreement between COSMOFON and AIRCLIMA EOOD and executed the project "Air-Conditioning of the BTS, MSC and BSC stations" in FYRON.

-Growth of collaboration with companies as MOTOROLA, INTRAKOM, banks, shops, local contractors e.t.c in Bulgaria.

2002: Direct collaboration with DAIKIN EUROPE NV, one of the largest industries of air conditioning units in the  world.

2002: Main distributor of the Denmark industry of air conditioning units DANTHERM-HMS for Greeece and for the other Balkan Countries.

2002: Engaged and executed te technical planning and the installation of the most of the projects for the Olympics Games 2004, which were held in Athens.

2002: Selection and execution of the supply, the installation of the air conditioning units to one of the largest commercial in Europe "THE MALL ATHENS". The total amount of  theinstalled air conditioning units was 400 VRV system, of the DAIKIN Industry, during record time of 3 months

2006: Fondation of a company in Albania with name

-Execution by the KLIMART ALBANIA SH.A the air-conditioning of The Base Stations (BTS), BSC and MSC of AMC in Albania.

-Execution the Air-Conditioning of the bulding of officies of AMC.

-Execution of the services (until today) to all the installed air-conditioning units in AMC in Albania.

-Growth of the collaboration with local companies, banks, shops, contractors e.t.c in Albania.

May 2007: Certification of quality reservation due to ISO 9001:2000 TUV

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