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arrow Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers are most frequently used in the chilled water market. Out of its wide range of chillers in cooling only or heat pump version, with or without integrated hydronic components, Daikin always offers you a chiller fitting your application needs.
Cooling Only

Heat Pump

arrow Condensing Units

The Daikin condensing units can be used in a wide variety of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation

arrow Water Cooled Chillers

Daikin offers you compact water-cooled chiller units which required only very limited space. Used for commercial or industrial applications, these chillers generate cold and hot water, which can be used for chilling, heating, or even both at the same time.
Cooling Only
Heating Only / Cooling Only


arrow Condenserless Chillers

Daikin offers you flexible and compact chillers with remote condenser, which can be used to satisfy applications with special requirements in the field of available space, sound level or extreme operating conditions. In these exceptional cases, remote condenser solutions can be preferred over standard air-cooled or water-cooled solutions.
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arrow Refrigeration


Conveni - pack

Conveni-pack is a low noise system which combines chilled and frozen showcases or cold rooms applications with shop air conditioning, including heating, into one unique system

Zeas Condensing Units

Designed for outdoor use, the condensing units are a perfect medium capacity commercial refrigeration solution for cold stores or freezer rooms, food retails, petrol stations shops, etc in low and medium temperature applications



arrow Rooftops

High efficiency and reliable scroll compressor
Wide operating range
Flat top unit design allows maximum use of warehouse and container space
Easy to install ‘plug and play’ concept plus single installation configuration; no additional piping is required since indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected
Convertible return and supply air: fan can be mounted in two directions
Factory pre-charged refrigerant ensures clean and efficient operation
Belt driven fan enables air volume and static pressure to be adjusted as required.
Anti-corrosion treated coil
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